2.1 Features of Order Entry

The Order Entry System is a sales tool with many useful features. It is necessary to maintain the Inventory and Accounts Receivable systems alongside the Order Entry System since it accesses product and customer information.

The Customer file contains the customer balance and other customer information, such as name and address. Order Entry shares this file with the Accounts Receivable System.

The inventory file provides a quick reference for part numbers and stock on hand. This file is shared with the Inventory System.

Orders are entered on an order form. This form includes customer information, product specifications, shipping information and billing terms. An unlimited number of detail lines (items ordered) are available on each order. Order Entry works with the Accounts Receivable System by collecting all the information necessary for later creation of an invoice.

For convenience, an order may be opened at one time and completed later. Income and sales are realized only after the order has been shipped and billed. If there is a shortage of inventory, a partial shipment can be made to complete as much of the order as possible. Orders can be filled either manually or by computer process. All or part of an order can be cancelled provided that it has not already been billed.

There are reports for listing the customer and order files. Sales evaluations can be made quickly and easily, by sales representative or customer. Packing lists and order forms can be prepared and printed for you by Order Entry.