2.2 The Manual

Explanation of the Order Entry System covers the following procedures:

oeiphelp20000000.gif Order Entry: The order form and its usage, including changing and updating orders.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Shipments: Filling orders and recording shipments.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Billing: Creating invoices for shipments.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Customers: Names, addresses and account numbers of individual customers, including a separate form for shipping addresses.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Reports: Arranging sales information into formats useful for analyzing and reporting.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Setting Up the Order Entry system: This chapter discusses the initial steps necessary before any orders can be entered.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Modifying Order Entry: The Order Entry menus and screens can be customized to suit individual needs. Instructions and cautions about what can and cannot be changed are included.