2.3 The Process of Entering Orders

Once your system has been set up, orders are usually entered as follows:

Enter Orders -- into the system by filling out the Order Entry data entry form.

Fill Orders -- have the computer fill outstanding orders. This creates packing slips for the Shipping department. If you do not want the computer to fill the orders, you can use Edit Packing Slips data entry form to manually fill the orders. A case where you might want to do this would be for an emergency rush order.

Print Picking Lables -- to aid the shipping clerk in gathering the items together for shipment. This report prints labels that can be used by shipping when picking inventory prior to packing.

Print Packing List -- to be included in the package. This report is used by shipping to actually pack an order. It lists what is to be packed for each order.

Edit Packing Slips -- once shipping has filled the orders and returned a copy of the packing slip, the computer packing slip is edited to match what was actually shipped. Only the differences need to be entered. This is helpful when the computer thinks you have 10 widgets and you only had 7.

Mark Shipped Packing Slips -- record all packing slips that have been shipped and are ready for billing. Once marked as shipped, the packing slip cannot be changed.

Bill Shipped Orders -- bill all shipped packing slips. This creates an invoice for each packing slip and posts the information into the accounting system.