5.1 Cancelling an Entire Order

Order cancellations are handled by the Sales Order Entry screen. There are certain limitations on what can be cancelled.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Orders that have been filled cannot be cancelled.

oeiphelp20000000.gif If an order has been partially filled, only the unfilled portion can be cancelled.

oeiphelp20000000.gif An order that has been filled can be cancelled by first unfilling it.

oeiphelp20000000.gif An order that has been shipped can be cancelled if it is first unshipped and then unfilled.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Once an order has been billed it can be cancelled by first unbilling, unshipping, and then unfilling the order.

These constraints are present to avoid shipping an order without actually billing the customer for it. Once an order is cancelled, it is erased from the system and cannot be recovered.

You begin a cancellation by selecting Data Entry, Order Entry and then the Order Entry. The order entry screen is displayed:


To begin the cancellation process, press the QUERY <F2> button. Enter the order number, customer number or other appropriate information that identifies the order and then press the FIND <F3> button until the proper order is located and displayed. Pressing the DELETE button, or key sequence <F1> D, deletes all information on this screen and brings up the line item portion.


When cancelling an entire order, each detail line must be deleted. If all of the lines are not deleted, the Order Entry System will still show inventory on order.

With the detail screen displayed, press the FIND FIRST <F3> button to display the first line item. Press the DELETE button, or key sequence <F1> D, to delete the item. Continue this procedure for each line item by pressing the FIND button.

Press the NEXT <F7> button to display the trailer portion of the order screen.


When deleting an entire order, the information on this screen and the shipping screen is deleted automatically. To enter or change another order, press the NEXT <F7> button twice, or press the first form key sequence GOLD <F1> and then the 1 key.