5.2 Partial Cancellation of an Order

Cancelling part of an order is done like cancelling an entire order. Select the Data Entry, Order Entry and then the Order Entry option. After the Sales Order Entry screen is displayed, find the order that needs the partial cancellation. Partial order cancellation differs from complete order cancellation in that the header is not deleted.

Once the order has been found, press the NEXT <F7> button to display the line item form. Press the FIND <F3> button until the cancelled item is displayed. Press the delete key sequence GOLD <F1> and the D key to delete the line item.

If only part of the line item is being cancelled, press the UPDATE <F4> button instead of deleting the line item. You can then change the quantity amount to the new amount desired. After making your changes, press the STORE <F5> button to record the changes.

Other detail lines can be deleted or changed by repeating this procedure.

The system does not let you delete a detail line that has been partially filled, or change the amount ordered below the amount already filled (shipped). An attempt to do so produces an error.

After all the line items that need deleting or changing are done, press the NEXT <F7> button to display the screen with the sales tax and discount information. Press the UPDATE <F4> button and then the STORE <F5> button. This allows Order Entry to calculate the new total for the order. If desired, you can also make other changes to the trailer screen while in UPDATE mode.

Once again, to enter or change other orders, press the NEXT <F7> button twice or press the first form key sequence GOLD <F1> and then the 1 key.