6.3 Packing Slip Detail

After a new packing slip header has been stored, or after the NEXT <F7> button is pressed, the detail portion of the packing slip screen is displayed at the bottom of the screen:


Each detail line of the packing slip is meant to refer to one detail line of the order displayed on the top portion of the screen. Each detail line of the order has been assigned a unique sequence number. This sequence number must be entered on the detail of the packing slip. This establishes a unique identification of what is being shipped.

Each detail line of the order also has a field which records how much is left to be shipped to complete that portion of the order. You are not allowed to ship more than this amount. For example, if the original order stated 100 widgets were ordered, and you have already shipped 75 widgets, the most you can ship now would be 25. Of course, you are allowed to ship fewer than what is left unshipped.