6.5 Manually Filling an Order

There are times when it necessary to manually fill an order. Rush orders are the most frequent need for manual order filling. This can be done with a minimal amount of input.

To manually fill an order, begin by pressing the ADD <F6> button. This places the system in ADD mode and allows entry of new packing slips. Enter the packing slip number (see above) and the order number of the order being filled. Leave the filled field empty and press the RETURN key. This fills the field with todays date. After pressing the STORE <F5> button, the packing slip detail screen is displayed and you can enter the first detail line.

For each order detail line being filled, enter the sequence number and press the STORE <F5> button. The system supplies reasonable defaults for the remaining fields. It is possible that a particular inventory item may be over-committed. In this case you get an error message when you try to store the detail line which states how much inventory is available. Change the units shipped field to this amount and press the STORE <F5> button again.

After all of the detail lines have been entered, press the NEXT <F7> button to redisplay the top portion of the packing slip screen. You can continue to enter more packing slips, or you can EXIT <F8> button.