6.7 Deleting a Packing Slip

There are cases where you need to completely remove a packing slip. This might occur when the computer fills an order you did not want filled. In this case, you must manually delete the packing slip.

Begin by finding the packing slip header as described above for changing a packing slip. With the packing slip displayed, press the delete sequence GOLD <F1> and the letter D to remove the header. The system switches to the packing slip detail portion of the screen.

The packing slip detail lines are deleted by first pressing the FIND <F3> key and then pressing the delete sequence GOLD <F1> key and then the letter D or just click on the DELETE button. This procedure is repeated until there are no more entries. After the detail lines have been deleted, the NEXT <F7> button redisplays the top portion of the screen. You can now make other changes, additions, or deletions. Pressing the EXIT <F8> button returns you to the Main Menu.