7.5 Field Descriptions

Customer Number

Enter a customer number from the Customer master file in this field. The number entered is validated against the codes in the Customer master file. The record cannot be stored until this field contains a valid entry.

If you are having trouble remembering the customer code, a second screen is provided for searching the Customer master file. The screen is displayed by pressing the GOLD <F1> key and then the V key. This allows you to QUERY and FIND the desired customer code. When the desired customer has been found, press the GOLD <F1> key and then the E key to redisplay shipping address screen with the customer code filled in.


Enter a code to identify this shipping address. For example, mailing or home or warehouse might be three possible codes. The code can be up to 15 characters long. This is an input required field.

The same code may be used for more than one customer, but the same code cannot be used for two addresses for the same customer. For example, home might be used to indicate each customers home office, but a customer cannot have more than one address labeled as home. However, the customer may have another address entered with a different code.

Name, Address, City, State, Country, Zip, Phone

Enter the shipping address as it is to appear on the packing slip. The system does not require that data be entered in any of these fields.