14.7 Order Numbering

Each order must be given a unique code. An order code can be used only once; an attempt to duplicate a code is not allowed by the system. The code need not be numeric, but it must end in a numeric sequence if one of the automatic numbering options is going to be used.

Seqno is the method for automatically numbering orders. This method assigns each new order a number one greater than the last order number stored.

Seqno assigns numbers based only on the current session. For example, if the first order entered is TL4W393, then the next order is assigned the number TL4W394. The number can be changed from the keyboard. Seqno does not remember numbers from one keying session to the next. This means the numbering sequence must be kept track of between sessions. This numbering sequence is designed for keying orders from pre-numbered order forms.

The Order Entry System comes with this feature turned on. Every time you are adding an order and you press the RETURN key in an empty Order Number field, the next order in sequence is displayed. To disable this feature, use bookkit to modify the order screen. Change the Order Number field so that the User Edit flag is set to no, and the Edit Name field is blank.