15.4 Accounting Files

Every file in the C/Books accounting system must be entered into the ledger file. Each file is categorized as either a ledger file, journal file, or a system file. All these files can be entered into ledger from the Select, System Set Up menu, using menu choices: Accounting System Ledgers, Accounting System Journals, or Accounting System Files. The table below lists the files accessed by the Order Entry system.

Table 15 - 10


Type Name Master Detail

ar ledger AR Customers customer

gl ledger General Ledger glacct

in ledger Inventory product

ip system Inventory Prices price

lg system System Ledger File ledger

oe system OE Orders orderh orderd

pl system OE Packing List packh packd

sa system OE Shipping Addresses address

sj journal AR Sales Journal invoicem invoiced

tm system Payment Terms terms

tx ledger Sales Tax salestax