16.2 The Manual

The following procedures are covered in this manual:

oeiphelp20000000.gif The data entry of the Inventory Product Master File. A product code and general ledger controlling account must be entered for an inventory product before either vouchers or invoices can be entered for that product.

oeiphelp20000000.gif The data entry of inventory adjustments. The adjustment screen allows the recording of increases and decreases to inventory that are not the result of purchases or sales.

oeiphelp20000000.gif The accessing of inventory balances for each period of a selected year.

oeiphelp20000000.gif The calculation of average unit cost and the selling price based on the margin percentage.

oeiphelp20000000.gif The printing of inventory reports.

oeiphelp20000000.gif Setting up beginning balances for the inventory products.