22.2 Example

Upon starting the process the following parameter screen is displayed:


Lets assume we want all inventory adjustments before May 1, 1981 deleted. Type in the date, 050181, the same way you enter data on a data entry form. If you change your mind and decide you do not want to run this process, press the CANCEL button (keys <F1><x>). When you are satisfied with what you have entered, press the STORE button <F5>. The screen below shows the date entered for this example.

Delete Old Inventory Adjustments

Delete old inventory adjustments before what date?

The process proceeds to delete the old inventory adjustment records dated previous to May 1, 1981.

Deleting old inventory adjustments....

126 records deleted

When the process is completed, the number of records deleted is displayed on the screen. Click on the OK button to RETURN to the Main menu.