28.2 Using Data Entry Forms

When a data entry form is selected from a menu, the C/Base form program is called to handle the data entry session. Although each data entry form is different, the procedures used to enter data are consistent for all entry forms.

Data entry forms describe a complete entry session. A single data entry session can change several files. Each data entry form contains one or more screens; each screen allows changes to a single file. During a data entry session, one or more data entry form screens may be displayed at the same time.

Each screen contains one or more fields with descriptive text to label the fields. The fields provide space to enter or display data in a file. For example, the Purchase Order data entry form contains all the fields and screens that must be entered and displayed when entering purchase orders. A picture of the first screen of this data entry form shown below.


When data can be entered into a field, the field is shown in reverse video (white box on dark background). Underlined fields indicate areas where data is displayed. The only time data can be entered into these fields is during a Query operation.