28.4 Running Processes

Many processes require the user to enter some information before the process can be run. After a process has been selected from a C/Books menu, a parameter screen is displayed that asks some questions.

Some questions are asked to determine the subset of the records to be processed. Others are asked to determine a time period. If the process is to create new records, a starting transaction code and a date must be entered.

The parameter screen shown below is displayed when the process Create Receiving Slips is selected from the Data Entry, Receiving menu.


Parameters are entered on to the parameter screen in the same way data is entered on a data entry form. The TAB key, RETURN key, and arrow keys are used to move the cursor between fields. If you change your mind about running the process, you can stop the process by pressing the CANCEL button (keys <F1><x>). When you are satisfied with what you have entered, press the STORE button <F5> to run the process.