29.5 Changing the Purchase Order List

There are any number of reasons for changing the Purchase Order List. One would be to take advantage of a discount. Another reason, which was mentioned above, would be if you have outstanding Order Entry orders that are not scheduled to be shipped in the near future. The lead time for a particular vendor may be unacceptable, so you may want to change vendors for that reason.

To continue our example using product 01c055, notice that the Purchase Order List report shows if four more product units are ordered, the price per product unit decreases from 29.25 to 29.20. We can take advantage of this discount by changing the product order through the Edit Purchase Order List data entry form. Each product displayed on the Purchase Order List report with "best price" information for the required reorder units, can be accessed from this form. Discount information cannot be accessed here. Products that do not have a "best price" shown on the report cannot be accessed from this form and are no longer part of the Purchase Order List. Product orders cannot be manually added to the Purchase Order List. Purchase orders for these products must be entered manually through the Purchase Orders data entry form.

The screen shown below displays the product order for 01c055.


All the information relating to this product can be changed. The following screen shows the changes made to the product order to take advantage of the discount price.


Notice that all the information needed for this form is taken from the Purchase Order List report (U/M is product units / vendor units).

If there is a product listed on the report that you do not want to order now, use this screen to delete it from the list.

When you have finished editing the Purchase Order List, run the Purchase Order List report again to make sure the order list is correct.