29.6 Creating Purchase Orders

It is now time to run the process Create Purchase Orders. This process creates purchase orders for all the products on the Purchase Order List. Once a purchase order has been created for a product, the product is removed from the Purchase Order List.

When the process begins, a parameter screen is displayed on which you must enter the first purchase order number and the date of the purchase orders. It then extracts information from the inventory master file, vendor master file, company addresses file, and the purchase order list file to create the purchase orders.

It creates a single purchase order for products with the same vendor, location code, and lead time.

The Order Required Date is calculated by adding the lead time to the purchase order date.

Some of the fields displayed on the Purchase Order data entry screens are optional and are not populated by this process. These fields may or may not be important to you. The following table lists these fields and the screen of the Purchase Order data entry form where they can be entered.

Field Screen

Buyer header

Freight detail

Freight Charge freight

Freight GL Acct freight

Shipper shipping

Ship Terms shipping

Special Instructions shipping

Data may be entered into these fields by selecting Purchase Orders from the Data Entry, Purchase Order menu.