30.2 Changing a Special Inventory Purchase

A purchase order can be changed, but there are some limitations once it has been printed or once a shipment has been received. Before a purchase order is printed, it can be changed or removed from the system through the menu choice Purchase Orders. After it has been printed, the menu choice Edit Purchase Orders, must be used.

The only limitation on changing a printed purchase order using menu choice Edit Purchase Orders is that the vendor on the order cannot be changed.

After a shipment has been received for an order, there are further limitations on the changes that can be made. The Product, Each, U/M, and Vendor Spec. fields cannot be changed for an item that has been at least partially received. The Units field cannot be decreased so that it is less than the number of units already received.

To continue our example, after Linda entered the purchase order spo0405-01 (as described above) for 40 units of product 01c050 into the system, and printed the form to send the vendor, the customer called and ordered an additional 10 units of product 01c050. At this point she could do either of the following: 1) enter a new purchase order for 10 units of product 01c050, print it and send two purchase orders to the vendor; or, 2) change purchase order spo0405-01 to read 50 units of product 01c050, reprint it and send the changed purchase order to the vendor. The following example demonstrates the second option.

Purchase order spo0405-01 is displayed below.


The order for product 01c050 is increased by 10 as shown below.


The freight charge must also be increased for the extra product. The updated freight screen is as shown.


Note that once the freight screen has been updated and stored, you must also update and store the shipping screen even though no changes have been made to that screen.

The menu choice, Print Purchase Orders, is used the first time a purchase order is printed. After the purchase order has been printed once, the menu choice, Reprint Purchase Orders, must be used to reprint the order.