31.2 Changing Non-Inventory Purchases

A non-inventory purchase order can be changed, but there are some limitations once it has been printed or once a shipment has been received. Before a purchase order is printed, it can be changed or removed from the system through the menu choice Non-Inventory Purchase Orders. After it has been printed, the menu choice, Edit Non-Inventory POs, must be used.

The only limitation on changing a printed purchase order using menu choice Edit Non-Inventory POs, is that the vendor on the order cannot be changed.

After a shipment has been received for an order, there are further limitations on the changes that can be made. The Vendor Spec. Ledger, Account, Taxable, and Each, fields cannot be changed for an item that has been at least partially received. The Units field cannot be decreased so that it is less than the number of units already received.

To continue our example, after the purchase order for the computer terminals (po0401-03) has been printed, the buyer, George, finds out that the vendor, PacTel Info Systems, is offering a sale price on the computer terminals. Instead of costing $325.89 each, the price has been reduced to $278.95 each. George decides to change to purchase order to reflect the sale price. He uses menu choice Edit Non-Inventory POs to change the purchase order. No changes need to be made to the header screen, so he switches to the detail screen as shown below.


When the Each field is updated with the sale price, the Extended Price, field is recalculated as shown.


Next, George must switch to the freight screen, and then switch again to the shipping screen. Even though none of the entry fields need to be changed on the shipping screen, the screen must be updated so the Sales Tax and Total Order fields can be recalculated.


Once the shipping screen is updated and stored, the data entry form can be exited.

Remember, a purchase order is printed the first time using menu choice Print Purchase Orders. After it has been printed, the menu choice, Reprint Purchase Orders, must be used.