32.1 Printing a Purchase Order for the First Time

One of the main goals of any purchase order system is to produce printed purchase orders. When mailed to the vendor, these orders detail what the vendor should ship and bill to the company.

The reports that print purchase orders assume that the system printer contains purchase order forms that are properly aligned.

When one or more purchase orders are considered correct by the purchasing agent, they can be printed using the Purchase Order menu choice, Print Purchase Orders. This report process prepares output suitable for printing on custom Purchase Order forms.

When selected from the Purchase Order menu, this menu choice displays a parameter screen that asks a number of range selection questions. These questions allow you to restrict the purchase orders being printed, to a subset of those ready to be printed. To select all non-printed purchase orders, leave all the parameter fields blank as shown below:


As mentioned, you can choose to print only a subset of the purchase orders ready to be printed. Our next example prints purchase orders for the vendor "Heirloom Furniture" (vendor code is h05400) that are dated before May 8, 19832.


With some experimenting, you should be able to select any subset of purchase orders desired.

Since it is assumed all purchase orders should be directed to the system printer, the usual report output parameters are not displayed. After the appropriate parameters have been entered and the STORE button <F5> is pressed, the system starts running the report. When the system has finished preparing the orders, they are printed on the system printer. This may take some time depending on the number of purchase orders kept on file.