32.2 Reprinting a Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module is designed to print purchase orders only once. If, for some reason, one or more purchase orders need to be printed again, they must be printed using the Data Entry, Purchase Order menu choice, Reprint Purchase Orders. This report process prepares output suitable for printing on custom Purchase Order forms.

When selected from the Purchase Order menu, this menu choice displays a parameter screen that asks a number of range selection questions. These questions allow you to select a subset of the purchase orders kept on file. To print all purchase orders on file, leave the report selection parameter fields blank as shown below:


It is unlikely that you will be reprinting every purchase order on file. Instead, reprinting is usually done for one of the following reasons: the printer jammed, causing the loss of one or more printed orders; the vendor has refused your order, quoting a new price; a printed purchase order has become lost or damaged. Our next example illustrates reprinting purchase orders PO*8705-07713 through PO*8705-07829.


With some experimenting, you should be able to select any subset of purchase orders desired.

Notice that with this menu selection you have the option of either displaying the purchase orders on the screen or sending them to the printer.

After the parameters have been entered and the STORE button <F5> is pressed, the report is started and the Main Menu is redisplayed. When the system has finished preparing the orders, the forms are either displayed on the screen or printed on the system printer depending on what was selected.