33.1 Automated Receiving Slip Creation

When a shipment is received for an order, it must be recorded in the system. The Purchase Order system provides an automated process that creates receiving slips for received purchase orders. A shipment can also be entered into the system by manually entering a receiving slip. Inventory is costed at the time the receiving slip is entered.

The system can create a receiving slip based on the information in the purchase order. By answering some initial questions, all of the work involved in entering a receiving slip using a data entry form, is eliminated.

The receiving department of our example company has accepted shipments on several orders. The shipments arrived on 04/06/87. The orders received range from po0401-01 to po0401-03.

The automated receiving slip creation process is run by selecting menu choice Create Receiving Slips, from the Data Entry, Receiving menu. The information needed by the process is entered in a parameter screen. When the parameter screen is stored, the process creates receiving slips for the full amount of each purchase order specified. The parameter screen with entries for our example is shown below:


The receiving slip number entered in the Starting receiving slip field is assigned to the first receiving slip created by the process. This number is incremented to get the receiving slip numbers for each successive receiving slip.

The date entered in the parameter field, Date of receiving slips, is used to accrue the cost of the items received.

The first and last purchase order numbers in the range of purchase orders received are entered into the parameter fields, First purchase order and Last purchase order. If just a single purchase order had been received, the Last purchase order field would be left blank.

When the STORE <F5> button is pressed, the process creates receiving slips for the range of purchase orders entered. The message WORKING is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen while the receiving slips are being created.

After the receiving slips are created, the First purchase order and Last purchase order fields are cleared and the ADD function is redisplayed in the lower corner of the screen as shown below.


Notice that the entries for the Starting receiving slip and Date of receiving slips fields have remained. At this time the cursor is positioned in the First purchase order field in preparation for you to enter another range of purchase orders. You may also, if you wish, update the Starting receiving slip and Date of receiving slip fields.

This process is exited by pressing the CANCEL button (keys, <F1>x).