33.2 Comparing Ordered vs. Actual Shipments

As was mentioned above, the automated receiving slip process creates a receiving slip for the full amount of each order specified. When this process is used, it is necessary to check that the amounts ordered are the same as the actual amounts received and accepted. The report, Receiving Slips by Vendor w/ Detail, lists for each receiving slip, purchase order number, date, product code, description, product units, amount, and vendor units. This report can be used to compare actual shipments with what was ordered.

In our example, receiving slips were created for purchase orders po0401-01, po0401-02, and po0401-03. The table below shows the actual amounts received on these orders.

PO No. Product Received Defective Returned

po0401-01 01c055 20 2

po0401-01 02c012 80 8 8

po0401-02 01c015 15

po0401-03 89032 3

A fragment of the Receiving Slips by Vendor w/ Detail report for our example is shown below. Because of space limitations, not all fields are displayed.

Receiving Slip Purchase Order Date Product Product Units Vendor Units

Vendor: h05400

rs0406-01 po0401-01 04/06/87 01c055 100 20

02c012 20 80

Vendor: o01350

rs0406-02 po0401-02 04/06/87 01c015 12 12

Vendor: p01150

rs0406-03 po0401-03 04/06/87 89032 5 5

As you can see by comparing the information on the report with the actual shipment amounts, the receiving slips do not accurately reflect what was actually received. Thus, these receiving slips must be edited to reflect the actual amounts received.