33.5 Manually Entering Receiving Slips

In special cases, such as a rush order, receiving slips may be manually entered into the system. This is done for inventory purchase orders through the menu choice, Receiving Slips, and for non-inventory purchase orders, through menu choice Non-Inventory Receiving Slips.

On 04/07/87 a shipment is received for rush order spo0405-01. Since this is an inventory purchase order, its receipt is entered manually through menu choice Receiving Slips. The date, receiving slip number, and purchase order number are entered in the header screen as shown.


After the header is stored, the detail screen is displayed. This order was for a single product, 01c050. A 1 is entered into the Seq No field to identify the purchase order detail item received. The system fills in the rest of the fields with the data from the purchase order detail record as shown below.


The value in the Vendor Units field shows the number of vendor units ordered. If the actual number of units received is not the same, this value should be changed to reflect the actual units received. The Freight charge may also be changed on this screen. Any defective or returned items should be entered in the Defective or Returned fields.

In this example, the complete order was shipped, there were no defective units, and nothing was returned.

After the detail item screen is stored, the total screen is displayed showing the total amount of the receiving slip. Storing this screen completes the entry of the receiving slip.