38.1 How to Set Up Purchase Order

The Purchase Order system requires that information be entered into several master files before purchase orders can be created. These files should be set up in in the following order:

oeiphelp20000000.gif Payment Terms

oeiphelp20000000.gif Vendor Master

oeiphelp20000000.gif Company Receiving Address

oeiphelp20000000.gif Alternate Receiving Addresses

oeiphelp20000000.gif Inventory Master

oeiphelp20000000.gif Alternate Vendor Addresses

oeiphelp20000000.gif Vendor Prices

The rest of this chapter discusses the set up of each of these files. You should read the sections on the inventory and vendor master files, even if you have already set up these files in other modules, because there are fields in these files that are used specifically with the Purchase Order system.