38.7 Alternate Vendor Addresses

The Purchase Order system provides for multiple vendor addresses. The default vendor addresses used by the system are the vendors billing addresses (those entered in the vendor master file). If purchase orders are to be sent to alternate vendor addresses, each alternate address must be entered into the vendor address file. The menu selection Alternate Vendor Addresses on the Select, Purchase Order menu, is used to enter alternate vendor addresses. The Alternate Vendor Addresses screen is displayed below.


A location code, from the vendor address file, can be entered on both the vendor price screen and the purchase order vendor address screen. The automated inventory restocking processes use the location codes in the vendor price file to determine the vendor address where the purchase orders for the products should be sent. When a location code from the vendor address file is entered manually on a purchase order vendor screen, its associated address is automatically entered into the purchase order. The vendor address on the purchase order appears on the printed purchase order form sent to the vendor.