39.2 Removing Old Records

Old receiving slip records and old purchase order records can be removed to free up disk space. These records should not be removed until after the purchase orders have been completely received and paid for. You may want to print some of the purchase order and receiving reports before deleting old records. The purchase order reports that are changed by removing old records are: Purchase Orders by Vendor, Purchase Order Summary by Vendor, and Purchase Order Summary by Product. All the reports on the Receiving menu can be changed by removing old receiving slips and/or purchase orders.

The procedure for removing old records is as follows:

1. Remove old checks by selecting, Delete Old Checks from the Maintenance, Delete Old menu.

2. Remove old paid vouchers by selecting Delete Old Paid Vouchers from the Maintenance, Delete Old menu.

3. Remove old receiving slips by selecting Delete Old Receiving Slips from the Maintenance, Delete Old menu.

4. Remove old purchase orders by selecting Delete Old Purchase Orders from the Maintenance, Delete Old menu.

It is possible to remove old purchase orders without first deleting checks, vouchers, and receiving slips. It is NOT recommended that you do this. The automated voucher creation process cannot create a voucher for a receiving slip without the purchase order for the receiving slip present. Also, removing the purchase orders without removing the receiving slips causes the receiving reports to give inaccurate information.