39.3 Speeding Up Reports

The speed with which some of the reports run, can be increased under certain conditions.

The field, Not Received, on the purchase order header screen tracks the amount of the purchase order that has not been received. This field starts at the total amount of the purchase order, Order Total. As the purchase order is received, this amount is decreased by the amount of the shipment, and usually drops to zero when the purchase order is completely received.

In some cases, the Not Received field is not zero for a completely received order. This happens if freight is being tracked separately (is entered on the freight screen), and a manual receiving slip is entered for the order; or, if an over shipment has been received and accepted for an order. Another situation where the Not Received field is not zero for a completed order, is when the freight amount specified for a detail line item is updated on the receiving slip without also updating it on the purchase order.

The reports: Expedite Work Sheet, Pending Inventory Transactions, Purchasing Commitments by Date, and Purchasing Commitments by Vendor must know which purchase orders have been completely received. Purchase orders with Not Received fields equal to zero are identified as being completely received. Each of these reports runs a "cleanup" process that zeroes the Not Received fields of the purchase orders that have been completely received, before executing the report program.

This "cleanup" process can also be run from the Purchase Order menu by selecting Update Purchase Order Balances. By running this process periodically, you can cut down on the time it takes to run these reports.