42.2.3 Freight Screen

The freight screen (shown below) is used to record freight that has been applied to an order as a total amount, rather than an amount per item ordered. If desired, the freight can be transferred to the items ordered using an inventory adjustment, after the order is received.


Like the detail screen, this screen is also appended to the current display. Unlike the detail screen, the freight screen is displayed once per order. After this screen is processed, the shipping screen is displayed. A description of the fields on the freight screen follow.

Freight Charge


Enter the freight charge amount. This appears on the printed purchase order sent to the vendor. It is also included on the voucher for the purchase order.

Input to this field is optional.

Freight GL Acct

required if freight charge, validated

Enter the general ledger account to be used to expense freight charges. This account must be in the general ledger master file. You may examine the general ledger master file through the validation screen associated with this field.

Input to this field is required if an amount has been entered into the Freight Charge field.