42.4 Non-Inventory Purchase Orders Data Entry Form

The Non-Inventory Purchase Orders data form is used when ordering non-inventory items: fixed assets, office supplies, etc. This data entry form is composed of five individual screens: header, detail, freight shipping, and vendor address. The header screen is used to enter general information pertaining to the purchase order. The detail screen is used for individual line items. There can be any number of line items. The freight screen displays the freight charge and freight expense account. The shipping screen displays shipping information as well as calculates the sales tax and the total amount of the order. The vendor address screen is used to enter the address of the vendor where the purchase order is to be sent.

These screens allow the use of the QUERY, FIND, UPDATE, ADD, and DELETE functions of form. as long as the purchase order has not been printed. Once the purchase order has been printed, only the QUERY and FIND functions are permitted. Where necessary, validations are performed on data being entered. The vendor code entered in the header screen must be in the vendor master file.

The following sub-sections describe each screen of the Non-Inventory Purchase Orders data entry form.