44.1 Make Purchase Order List

This process searches the inventory product master file and selects products that need to be reordered. It takes into account the units on hand, reorder point, order quantity, units committed, units ordered, and outstanding purchase orders to determine the number of units required.

It searches the vendor price list for the best price for the product. It also finds the best discounted price for the product. The discounted price is less per unit than the best price, but more than the required number units must be purchased.

Both the best price and the discounted price are listed on the Print Purchase Order List report. Only the best price records are displayed on the Edit Purchase Orders screen. If desired, the best price records can be changed to reflect the discount information. When selected from the Data Entry, Purchase Order menu, this process displays the following dialog to indicate its status:

Make Purchase Order List

Creating purchase order list ...

(time passes)...