44.2 Create Purchase Orders

This process creates purchase order records from the purchase order list created by the Make Purchase Order List process, after being edited by the Edit Purchase Orders screen. Before creating the purchase orders, a parameter screen is displayed which asks for the starting purchase order number and the date of the purchase orders. The parameter screen below shows example entries.


The purchase order number is the purchase order identifying code. The trailing characters of the code should be numbers so it can be incremented. The date of the purchase order is the date the purchase order is entered into the system. Todays date is initially displayed in this field. If you want the date of the purchase orders to be some other date, just type in the new date over todays date.

After you are satisfied with what you have entered, press the STORE button <F5>. The process proceeds to create purchase orders. When it is finished it displays the number of purchase orders created.

350 purchase orders created


The number of purchase orders created varies, depending on the number of products to be ordered.