44.3 Delete Old Purchase Orders

This process deletes all completely received purchase orders before the date specified. The date specified must be in a closed period. The cutoff date is compared with the Date field of each purchase order entered into the system. Deleting a purchase order completely removes the record from the purchase order system. If a listing of the purchase orders is needed for historical purposes, a report listing all purchase orders before the cutoff date, should be run prior to running this deletion process.

This process does not delete purchase orders that are not completely received. The following parameter screen shows the input to remove all received purchase orders dated before February 1, 1987:


After the STORE button <F5> is pressed, the process proceeds to remove the old purchase orders. When it is finished is displays the number of purchase orders deleted.

1384 records deleted

The number of records deleted varies, depending on the actual number of purchase orders removed.