44.4 Update Purchase Order Balances

The balance field in the purchase order header record is decreased as the order is received. Under most circumstances the balance is zero when the purchase order has been completely received. The exception is when a separate freight record has been entered for a purchase order and the receiving slip for that purchase order is entered manually using either Receiving Slips or Non-Inventory Receiving Slips. In this case, the freight amount remains after the purchase order has been completely received. Another way the balance of the purchase order can be greater than zero after it has been completely received, is if the freight amount for a line item is decreased on the receiving slip.

A purchase order has a negative balance after it has been received, if units received is greater than the units ordered, or if the freight amount on the receiving slip line item screen is increased.

This process searches the purchase order file and zeros out the balances of purchase orders that have been completely received. If you have completely received purchase orders with non zero balances, running this process makes some of the reports run faster. The dialog below shows an example of running this process:

Update Purchase Order Balances

Updating balances ...

(time passes)...

Unlike the other purchase order processes, when this process completes, the Main Menu is displayed.