47.4.2 Detail Screen

The detail screen is used to invoice receiving slips and to record freight charges that were previously unrecorded. Any number of detail items may be entered. A picture of the detail screen is shown below.


This screen is displayed after the header is processed. The header screen is "frozen" on the display and successive detail screens scroll underneath. A description of the fields on this screen follow.



Each detail line of the voucher begins with the name of the journal. The journal code and the account must be compatible. For example, to make an entry to the receiving slip journal, a receiving slip number must be entered as the account. The following table shows the journal code, journal name and the appropriate entry to the Account/Job.Act/Product field for some of the more common journals.

Journal Code Journal Name Account Job.Act Product

gl General Ledger General Ledger account number

rs Receiving Receiving Slip number

in Inventory Inventory Product code

fa Fixed Asset Fixed Asset number

jc Job Cost Job Cost Activity code

Input to this field is required.


required, validated

The account, Job.Act, or Product must be compatible with the journal which was entered in the Journal field (see table for previous field).

Input to this field is required.



Entries to the inventory journal, in, should have a units value entered for inventory control and management.

Input to this field is not required.



Enter the dollar amount for the detail line. The sum of all the detail lines must equal the amount entered in the Voucher Total field on the voucher header screen. Attempting to EXIT <F8> or going to the NEXT screen <F7> before the voucher balances, results in an error message indicating how much more or how much less is required.

Input to this field is required.