47.5.1 Header Screen

The header screen contains general information about the adjusting entry. In particular, it holds the posting date for the entry and a comment describing the entry. A picture of the header screen is shown below.


This screen is displayed when the Inventory Adjustments data entry form is first selected from the Data Entry, Inventory menu, or after the detail screen has been processed. A description of the fields on this screen follows.

Entry Id

required, auto-increment default

This is a character field used to uniquely identify the adjustment. Any unique code can be used.

It is possible to have incremental entry ids displayed when entering a series of adjustments. This feature is activated by entering and storing the first adjustment. On successive adjustments, leave the Entry Id field blank and press the RETURN key. The next entry identifier in sequence is displayed.

Each time the Inventory Adjustment data entry form is accessed from the menu, the first adjustment must be entered and stored before this feature will work.

Input into this field is required.

Entry Date

required, default = today's date

This is the date of the adjustment and it determines the accounting period in which this entry is included. To enter today's date, press RETURN while the field is blank.

Input into this field is required.



A description of the inventory adjustment can be entered here.

Input to this field is not required.