48.1 Create Receiving Slips

This process creates receiving slips for a series of purchase orders. It begins by displaying the following parameter screen:


The value entered into the starting receiving slip field is assigned to the first receiving slip created by the process. This number is incremented to get the receiving slip numbers for each successive receiving slip. Up to 15 characters can be entered in this field. The code should end in a series of digits so that it can be incremented by the process.

Each receiving slip must have a date that determines the accounting period in which the receiving slip is included. If desired, todays date can be used by pressing the RETURN key while the cursor is in the date field.

The last two fields are designed to establish a range of purchase order numbers that have been received. You may create a receiving slip for a single purchase order by leaving the Last purchase order field blank.

After the STORE button <F5> is pressed, the process examines each purchase order within the stated range and a receiving slip is created for the outstanding portion of the order. When it has finished, the first purchase order and last purchase order fields are cleared. The starting receiving slip field and date field remain the same.

At this time you can enter another range of purchase orders. If you want to change the either the starting receiving slip number or the date, you may move the cursor to these fields and change their values.

When you are finished, stop the process by pressing the CANCEL button (keys <F1><x>). A message stating the number of receiving slips created is displayed. The system then posts the receiving slip records.