48.2 Voucher Receiving Slips

After you select this process from the menu, the following parameter screen is displayed.


Enter in the Voucher number field the identifying voucher code to be assigned to the first voucher created. It cannot be longer than 15 characters, and at a minimum, the last character must be a number so the code can be incremented by the process. Enter in the Voucher date field the date you want the costs to be accumulated to accounts payable. If you wish to enter todays date, just press RETURN.

The value entered into the Vendors invoice number field appears in the Vendors Ref field on the voucher. Enter in the Vendors invoice date field the date on the vendor invoice. This date is used along with the payment terms to determine the pay date and the discount date. Enter into the Purchase order number field the identifying code of the purchase order you wish to create a voucher for.

When the STORE button <F5> is pressed, the process creates a voucher for the purchase order. The voucher includes any unvouchered receiving slips for the purchase order plus any separate freight amount included on the purchase order. These amounts are displayed. When you are finished viewing the information for the new voucher, press the SPACE BAR.

The process is now ready for information for the next voucher. The Vendors invoice number, Vendors invoice date, and Purchase order number fields are cleared. The voucher number field and the date field remain the same.

To create another voucher you only need to enter data into the last three fields, although you may change the values in the first two fields if you wish.

When you are finished creating vouchers, stop the process by pressing the CANCEL button (keys <F1><x>). The system displays the number of vouchers created and then the voucher records are posted.