2.4 Database Maintenance

The database catalog (the cbase database) is maintained both by C/Base programs that create and remove logical files and databases and by the C/Base database administrator (cbase).

The following sections describe how to perform common tasks with databases using either toolkit or C/Base commands.

The following commands, described in Chapter 12, C/Base Commands, maintain databases and logical RMSfiles, reportfiles, and formfiles:

Database Maintenance Commands                          

dbadmin Database administration                         

dbrm Remove a database                                  

frmadmin Formfile administration                        

formcopy Copy a formfile                                

formedit Create or edit a formfile                      

formrm Remove a formfile                                

lfadmin RMSfile administration                          

lfcopy Copy an RMSfile                                  

lfedit Create or modify an RMSfile                      

lfrm Remove an RMSfile                                  

rptadmin Reportfile administration                      

rptcopy Copy a reportfile                               

rptedit Create or edit a reportfile                     

rptrm Remove a reportfile