2.4.1 Creating a Database

To create a new database with toolkit, enter the commands:

c:\> cd directory

c:\> toolkit dbname

Directory names the location where the new database home directory is created, and dbname names the new database. If dbname does not already exist, toolkit asks if you want to create it. Answer yes and toolkit creates it for you.

To create a new database manually with C/Base commands, enter the following:

c:\> mkdir homedirectory

c:\> dbadmin -a dbname homedirectory

c:\> mkdir homedirectory\data

c:\> mkdir homedirectory\def

c:\> mkdir homedirectory\scr

c:\> mkdir homedirectory\rpt

Homedirectory must be an absolute pathname in the dbadmin command. You need to make the data, def, scr and rpt directories if you want your database to be compatible with start and toolkit.