2.4.2 Using a Database

As with creating databases, using databases can be very easy. To run an application created with toolkit (C-1), run the start (C-1) command. When asked for the name of the application, enter the name of your database. This database is set as the default database. The menu you created with toolkit (C-1) is started and you have access to your database.

For applications designed with a structure other that that provided by toolkit, the start command will not work properly. In this case, your application must have some way of establishing a default database (by setting DBASE), or it must explicitly name the database in all logical names (e.g. demo~mag). As a third alternative, your programs could call dbopen (C-3). None of the C/Base programs call dbopen directly; if you intend to call any C/Base programs in your application you must use one of the first two options.