2.4.6 Removing a Database

To remove a database with toolkit , do the following:

gifs/20000000.gif Start toolkit on your database:

c:\> toolkit dbname

gifs/20000000.gif Select 6 - Database Menu from the Toolkit Development Menu.

gifs/20000000.gif Select M2 - Delete Application From System from the Database Menu.

gifs/20000000.gif Enter the name of the database, enter yes to confirm, and press STORE <F5> to remove the database or CANCEL <F1>-X to leave without removing the database.

To remove a database with a command, enter the following:

c:\> dbrm -v dbname

Either method prints a message to warn you what is about to happen. If you decide against removing the database, enter no and nothing is changed.

Should you decide to continue, the command removes all of the logical file definitions from the database catalog. Then it removes the database definition and everything in and below the home directory of the database. Notice that everything in and below the home directory is removed. The command is not overly particular about what gets removed.

Take heed of the warning about backups. Once removed, the only way to restore a database is to restore it from backups or re-enter it.