2.5.8 Checking an RMSfile for Errors

You can check the internal consistency of an RMSfile with toolkit as follows:

gifs/20000000.gif Start toolkit on your database:

c:\> toolkit dbname

gifs/20000000.gif Select 1 - Data Files Menu from the Toolkit Development Menu.

gifs/20000000.gif Select M3 - Check Data File Consistency from the Data Files Menu.

gifs/20000000.gif Enter the logical RMSfile name and press STORE <F5> to check the RMSfile or CANCEL <F1>-X to leave without checking the RMSfile.

You can check the consistency of an RMSfile with the following command:

c:\> rmsck lfname

Lfname is the logical name of the RMSfile.

If rmsck finds errors, it asks you if you want rmsck to fix the errors.

You can check all the RMSfiles in a database with:

c:\> rmsck -b dbname

and you can check the RMSfiles in all databases with:

c:\> rmsck -a