2.7.2 Modifying a Logical Reportfile

You can modify the definition of a logical reportfile with toolkit as follows:

gifs/20000000.gif Set the EDITOR environment variable identifying the editor or word-processor to be used for text reports programming.

c:\> set EDITOR=edit

where editor is the name of your text editor or word-processor.

gifs/20000000.gif Start toolkit on your database:

c:\> toolkit dbname

gifs/20000000.gif Select 3 - Report Generator Menu from the Toolkit Development Menu.

gifs/20000000.gif Select D2 - Modify Report Program from the Report Generator Menu.

You can modify a logical reportfile manually with the following commands:

c:\> set EDITOR=edit

c:\> rptedit -v lfname

Editor is the name of your text editor or word-processor (e.g., edit). Lfname is the logical name for the reportfile. Rptedit runs the wtrdef program to interactively modify the reportfile definition for visual reports; rptedit runs the text editor of your choice for text reportfiles.