2.7.5 Listing a Logical Reportfile

You can list a logical reportfile with toolkit as follows:

gifs/20000000.gif Start toolkit on your database:

c:\> toolkit dbname

gifs/20000000.gif Select 3 - Report Generator Menu from the Toolkit Development Menu.

gifs/20000000.gif Select L1 - List Logical Report Program(s) from the Report Generator Menu to list the names and descriptions of the logical reportfiles in the current database.

gifs/20000000.gif Select L2 - List Definition of Report from the Report Generator Menu to list the definition of a logical reportfile.

You can list the logical name and description of all logical reportfiles in a database with the following command:

c:\> rptadmin -lv dbname

You can list the definition of a visual logical reportfile as follows:

c:\> preport lfname

You can list a text report with any standard utility to list a text file (e.g., type). Additionally, to get a report showing all logical reportfiles, select the choice R4 - C/Base Reportfile Catalog from the cbase application menu (see section 2.3, The C/Base Database).