2.8.1 Enabling Transaction Logging

You can enable logging with either toolkit or the database administration commands or the data entry forms within the cbase application. See sections Changing a Database Logfile and Changing a Logical RMSfile's Log Status of this Chapter for information on enabling logging with toolkit. The following steps explain how to enable logging with the database administration commands.

1. Create an empty log file. If possible, the log file should be on a device different from your other database files.

1. \> makelog logpath

1. Add the log file pathname to your database. The log file pathname you specify must be either an absolute pathname, or a pathname relative to the home directory of the database.

1. \> dbadmin -vu -L logpath dbname

1. Enable logging for each RMSfile in your database. To enable logging for a logical RMSfile, enter:

1. \> lfadmin -vu -L yes dbname~RMSfile