2.10 Rmsck

The rmsck (C-1) program aids you in recovering damaged RMSfiles. Rmsck detects and corrects inconsistencies in the internal data structures within RMSfiles. Rmsck can rebuild an RMS index file if it finds a problem with an index. Rmsck rebuilds an index much faster than rebuilding the index with dcopy (C-3) or convertlf (C-3).

You can check the internal consistency of an RMSfile with rmsck as follows:

c:\> rmsck RMSfile (checks a single RMSfile)

c:\> rmsck -b dbname (checks all RMSfiles in dbname)

c:\> rmsck -a (checks all RMSfiles in all databases)

where RMSfile is the logical name or a pathname of an RMSfile.