3.5 Function Keys

The function keys are usually labeled <F1>, <F2>, <F3>, etc., and perform special functions within C/Base data entry forms. The following table lists the names by which these keys are referred to when processing forms:

Table 3-4                                                                                          

Key Name Description                                                                                 


<F1> GOLD Access additional functions                                                            


<F2> QUERY FIRST Enter query criteria and start search from first matching record


<F3> FIND NEXT Find next matching record


<F4> UPDATE Update current record


<F5> STORE Store current record


<F6> ADD Add new record


<F7> NEXTFORM Switch to next form (screen)


<F8> EXIT Exit form

Form displays the functions you may perform on the bottom status line. Before you can enter any data on the screen, you must press the appropriate function key.