3.6 GOLD

The GOLD key <F1> provides additional functions to those listed. Pressing the GOLD key <F1> followed by another key performs some special action. Selection of these functions is a two-keystroke sequence. First, press and release the GOLD key <F1>. Then, press the second key. When the GOLD key <F1> is used with a letter key, either an upper-case or lower-case letter may be typed. This group of functions are defined as follows:

 Table 3-5                                                                                           

Key Key Function Function                                                                               

#1 #2 Name Description

<F1> D DELETE Delete the current record                                                            


<F1> 4 CLEAR Clear the fields on the current form


<F1> 1 FIRSTFORM Return to the first part of a multiple form sequence


<F1> H HELP Display on-line help


<F1> gifs/00000005.gif HOME Move the cursor to the beginning of the first field


<F1> R REFRESH Refresh, or redraw, the screen


<F1> V VALIDATE Go to a validation form


<F1> E RETURN Return from a validation form


<F1> X CANCEL Cancel the current function


<F1> <F2> QUERY/LAST Query from last matching record


<F1> <F3> FIND/PRE Find previous matching record

The functions initiated by the GOLD key <F1> are discussed in later sections of this chapter.