A record that you have found with the QUERY and FIND functions may be removed by using the DELETE function, providing that this function is 'allowed'. DELETE is one of the GOLD functions mentioned earlier in this chapter, and is performed by first pressing the GOLD key <F1> followed by the D key while the record is displayed in the form. Form removes the record from data file and clears the non-initialized entry fields. To delete another record, first find the record and then press the GOLD key <F1> followed by the D key.

Records that are deleted are gone forever. However, a copy of each field's contents from the last deleted or stored record is saved internally, thereby making it easy to re-add a mistakenly deleted record. To do so, just press the ADD key <F6>, then press the Line Feed key or Ctrl + J in each field of the form. This 'duplicates' the contents of each field from the erroneously deleted record in the current form. Finally, press the STORE key <F5> to store the 'new' record.

The DELETE function was intentionally designed to be a two-keystroke sequence so that records would not be accidentally deleted simply by pressing the wrong key.